Work Closer to Home - South West Sydney

connects employers with local job seekers. 

Working closer to home has multiple benefits; to the individual, to local businesses,

the wider community and the environment.

While unemployment rates are high (particularly in South West Sydney), industry in the area has grown significantly in the last 10 years. There are more jobs in the region than ever before.

The aim of Work Closer to Home - South West Sydney is to ensure that local people have access to those jobs. 

Work Closer to Home - South West Sydney shares Positions Vacant in the Liverpool, Campbelltown, Camden & Wollondilly regions. This is a community service in place to help support our local businesses & its residents, and act as platform for employers & job seekers to connect.

There is an unmet need of local employment opportunities for our growing population.

As the focus on work / life balance grows, people are seeking roles that do not involve a long commute.


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